Definition Meaning of Magnetic Tape:

Magnetic Tapes have been utilized for store information for quite a while since 1951. It is made of a slender, magnetizable covering on a long thin portion of plastic. A magnetic tape is successive access stockpiling gadget (SASD). It is can be utilized to store enormous records of information. It is essentially used to keep a reinforcement of information from the hard plate, in the event of hard circle squash. ADAT or Digital Audio Tape (limits up to 1 TB are accessible) is normally utilized for this reason these days.

Detailed Description:

Magnetic Tape was created in Germany in 1928. Right off the bat, it was for the most part intended to record sound. In any case, these days, it was utilized to store any kind of video, sound or information. In Magnetic Tape information in putting away as double digits on a lace made of polymer and covered with a magnetic substance. The width of a magnetic tape moved toward becoming ½” – ¼” and is 50 to 2400 feet long. The speed of the Tape and information thickness decides the speed of the tape. The speed of the tape communicated in IPS (Inches every second) and the information thickness is communicated in BPI (Bytes Per Inch) and CPI (Characters Per Inch). The information is commonly gathered into squares isolated by a space called IBG (Inter Block Group). Keep in mind, it isn’t utilized for online information sparing or any kind of online use.

Magnetic Tape was utilized in numerous Mainframe Computers that originated before the present PCs or PC.

These days, the primary utilization of Magnetic Tapes is to keep reinforcement huge documents of information. If there should be an occurrence of any Hard plate smash or different mistakes. Any can recuperate existing information with the assistance of the Magnetic Tapes.

Advantages of a Magnetic Tape:

Before the CD and DVD came, magnetic tape was extremely well known among the client to store information. Be that as it may, these days magnetic tape is for the most part utilized by enormous organizations to store huge measure of information.

A huge measure of capacity limit:

A solitary magnetic tape cartridge can store a huge measure of information up to 1 TB. Enormous organizations and foundations utilize huge cartridges to store or reinforcement huge measure of information.

Arbitrary access:

Information exchange or gathering of information can go on without intrusion medium-term or for seven days.

Spending Friendly:

Magnetic Tapes is cheap in light of the fact that the assembling cost of these is low.


Set of exceptional hardware must be bought for putting away and recording information.

On the off chance that the information putting away running almost a huge speaker or solid magnetic field, at that point the tape can be harmed.

It is important to keep more seasoned tape hardware to have the option to peruse the put-away information on a magnetic tape.

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