Supercomputers are enormous PCs utilized predominantly in logical and inquire about associations for preparing complex logical information that requires colossal handling power. These are utilized in research work like in nuclear colliders, climate determining, space science, discourse examination, code-breaking and so on. Supercomputers utilize parallel handling to take care of complex issues quicker than a customary PC. These are likewise the most dominant and costly PCs accessible. The cost of a supercomputer can be of the requestor Rs.100 crores.

The speed of a supercomputer is commonly estimated in units of the number of coasting point tasks every second or flounders that it can perform. The Cray1 supercomputer was the primary PC equipped for performing at more than 108 lemons. Albeit quicker machines have now been constructed, Cray1 keeps on being utilized and fills in as the casual unit of measure for more current supercomputers, some of which presently approaches 106 ‘Crays’.

The Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-2 is at present (as on 2014) the world’s quickest supercomputer. It can do about 34×1015 counts every second (speed 34 petaFlops). Param 8000 implicit 1990 is viewed as India’s first supercomputer. The Param Yuva II supercomputer worked in 2013 can do 524×1012 calculations every second (speed 524 TeraFlops). In correlation, a center i7 work area PC can do 7×109 figurings every second.

The Human Genome Project implied for a comprehension of the whole nonexclusive outline of a person was a case of supercomputers as of late.

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